Advancing Industrial Water Treatment Equipment and Services

For over 35 years, we’ve been in the field alongside our partners, engineering solutions tailored to enhancing the operations of the people and the companies they touch.
We Are EAI Water

EAI is an industry leading water and air treatment firm that provides a full-range of solutions and technologies geared towards removing contaminants from liquid and gas industrial applications. Our team of professionals calls upon a range of proven solutions, applied uniquely to ensure that our customers have the highest uptime, lowest water consumption, and most effective solution to meet their daily operational needs.

ApHinity was started out of EAI in 2016, based on our customer’s requests for less chemical intensive solutions than traditional water treatment. ApHinity utilizes over 100 years of water treatment experience to apply custom solutions for advancing site specific water efficiency and risk management. The outcomes are accomplished through the design, implementation, and ongoing management of both open source and proprietary technologies to solve unique challenges related to water efficiency and safety issues. These solutions play a critical role in navigating the challenging water conservation, reuse, and recycling environments of today.

Our Services

Cooling Towers

EAI provides custom chemical formulations and a best-in-class service team of engineers geared towards maximizing cycles of concentration in cooling towers and overall
water efficiency.

Closed Loops

The EAI team manages hundreds of hot water, chilled water, process water, and glycol filled closed loops across the Western United States.


Scale and corrosion of boiler and hot water systems is a key area of risk for industrial water users and EAI’s tailored chemical and service program has been designed to manage this risk for partners.

Waste Water

EAI’s service team takes a “One Water” approach to managing water quality, including the treatment and safe reuse or discharge of industrial wastewater.

Engineered Water

Proven, proprietary technologies selectively removing ions from water streams in order to maximize water efficiency and reduce chemical consumption.

Secondary Disinfection

Advanced treatment of drinking water for health care, senior living, hospitals, and others to ensure safety and quality.

Air Treatment

On-site generated oxidant technologies engineered to remove NOx, powdery mildew, and odor from light to heavy industry.

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