"Chemical Affinity is the attractive force between substances that causes them to enter into or remain in chemical combination."

ApHinity Irrigation Water Treatment

ApHinity Irrigation Water Treatment from EAI is a water treatment program for food processing and agricultural applications focused on water safety, biofilm control and irrigation water distribution efficiency. The program consists of 3 levels of product application, equipment solutions, and testing support services.

Program Benefits

  • Water management plan development creates the documentation foundation for assured product safety and distribution efficiency.
  • EPA approved biocide is used for effective biofilm control.
  • On site field testing services document the performance of the program as it is executed.
  • Rapid microbiological testing services provide expedited results to ensure product quality preservation.
  • Treatment processes have optional full automation and real-time data logging capability.


ApHinity Irrigation Treatment Program Levels

  Basic Standard Premium
Water Management Plan Development Yes Yes Yes
EPA Approved Biocide Treatment Yes Yes Yes
On-Site Field Testing Services Quarterly Monthly Bi-Monthly
Lab Microbiological Testing Services Quarterly Monthly Bi-Monthly
Automation of Biocide Feed No Yes Yes
Real-Time Automation and Data Logging No No Yes


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