"Chemical Affinity is the attractive force between substances that causes them to enter into or remain in chemical combination."

Filtrosis Technology

Filtrosis is one component of ApHinity from EAI. Filtrosis is a water processing solution for industrial and agricultural water conservation applications utilizing the science of low-pressure osmosis with a patented membrane separation technology. The patented membrane design can produce water quality up to reverse osmosis permeate standards while maintaining an extremely low membrane fouling factor and superior flux rate. This unique characteristic makes the membrane technology beneficial in applications with high total suspended solids, BOD, and COD levels where traditional reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration technologies fail.

Product Benefits

  • Low membrane fouling, high flux rate in high TSS, BOD, and COD applications
  • 20-50% Lower OPEX than traditional evaporator, distillation, clarifier, and crystallizer technologies
  • Reduced maintenance, membrane cleaning, and system downtime
  • Produces high quality Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration permeate water
  • Modular design


Common Applications

  • Waste Water process effluent recycling (Manufacturing)
  • Produced water recycling (Energy)
  • Produce wash water recycling (Agriculture and Food Processing)
  • Fertigation (Agriculture)
  • Gray water recycling and heavy metals removal (Manufacturing)